Our Resources for Arizona Survivors of Line of Duty Deaths

Each year, C.O.P.S. Arizona hopes and prays we do not lose an officer in the line of duty. But in the event that we suffer a loss, C.O.P.S. AZ will be there to help family and coworker survivors rebuild their shattered lives.

Every line of duty death is nothing short of a tragedy, and at C.O.P.S. Arizona we understand how difficult it is to face that kind of pain because our board and members have experienced it too. That’s why our organization is dedicated to helping Arizona survivors get the support they need.

When your family or workplace faces an unexpected loss, it has a cataclysmic impact on your life. But you don’t have to face this alone. Here are just a few of our resources for Arizona survivors of line of duty deaths.

National Police Week Conference

The National Police Survivors’ Conference is an opportunity for grieving families and co-workers to speak with mental health professionals, attend grief seminars designed to help with healing, and meet fellow survivors who create a community of support and understanding. The national C.O.P.S. organization hosts the conference, along with a candlelight vigil and memorial service, every year in Washington D.C.

Police Week Orientation

At Police Week Orientation, we gather new C.O.P.S. members and help them prepare for the events of the next upcoming National Police Week ceremonies. This provides them with an opportunity to meet board members and other Arizona survivors, so that they see some familiar faces when they arrive in D.C.

We start by explaining what National Police Week is, and then we share terminology for the Memorial Service: explaining who are first-year survivors; who is considered participating family members and nonparticipating family members. We go over the possibility of the President attending and Secret Service personnel.

We describe the events during the week in detail to include optional events, appropriate dress.

We cover recommended travel dates for arrival and departure, which airport they should fly into and transportation from the airport to the hotel, and other tips.

Annual Retreats for All Ages

Our programs are designed to be specific to your relationship with the fallen police officer in your life. We have retreats for co-workers, spouses, significant others, parents, siblings, children, adult children, and extended family of the deceased.

Scholarship Funds

Family members of fallen law enforcement offers may be eligible to receive college scholarships from C.O.P.S. There is a deadline to apply each semester to receive this financial support.

Trial and Parole Support

C.O.P.S. Arizona members attend court proceedings surrounding line of duty deaths in support of the families and co-workers who had their worlds turned upside down. In some cases, C.O.P.S. will also write letters to the parole board in solidarity with these survivors.

Law Enforcement Agency Training

We know a survivor’s level of distress is directly affected by the agency’s response to the tragedy. We offer training and assistance to law enforcement agencies on how to respond to the tragic loss of a member of the law enforcement profession.

C.O.P.S. Arizona: Support for Survivors of Line of Duty Deaths

If you or someone you know lost a family member or coworker in the line of duty, reach out to C.O.P.S. We are committed to connecting Arizona survivors with the resources they need to heal.

C.O.P.S. Arizona is dedicated to rebuilding shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line of duty deaths. We offer programs and scholarships for survivors in our local Arizona chapter. For more information, visit https://www.copsarizona.org/.

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