Police Officers Holiday Gift Guide

If there’s a police officer in your life, you might find yourself wracking your brain about what to get them for the upcoming holidays. Our C.O.P.S. Arizona family includes active police officers, retired police officers, and families of fallen police officers who know some of the most meaningful gestures you can make to the police community during the holidays.

Here’s our police officers holiday gift guide full of suggestions you can use to honor law enforcement officers in your life or your community.

Back the Blue Gifts

Thin Blue Line Merch

It’s easy to show your support for local police officers by displaying the thin blue line flag on your home, car, or clothes. A thin blue line hoodie, hat, or decal would make a very thoughtful gift for an officer.

C.O.P.S. Arizona License Plate

If you are local to Arizona, consider gifting a C.O.P.S. Arizona license plate this holiday season. The plate includes the thin blue line flag, and the proceeds will go directly to our 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to grief support for families and coworkers of fallen officers. You can purchase a license plate here.

Practical Gifts

Waterproof Notebook

Crime doesn’t stop just because it’s raining cats and dogs. When an officer needs to jot down quick notes, having a notebook paper that won’t turn into a pulpy mess can be a huge help.

Car Organizer

Cops have to carry around lots of gear in their patrol cars. Help them stay organized and grab what they need easily with a car tote that can hang in the passenger seat or a dock that can sit in the floorboards of their car.


When your job involves long hours patrolling in the sun, sunglasses are a must.


Early mornings or late nights can feel a little bit easier if your officer has a quality thermos to keep their coffee warm. You could even find a “back the blue” thermos or personalize one with their name.

Gift Cards to Local Restaurants

Make it easy for an officer to grab a quick meal while on patrol. This is a great gift that they can use at any time of the year, and it offers an opportunity to support your local community if you purchase the gift cards from small businesses.

Sentimental Gifts

Custom Artwork

Creating custom artwork like a painted thin blue line flag decoration or a sentimental photo framed or burned into wood is a meaningful way to tell an officer “I care about you.”

Badge Display Shadow Box

If the police officer in your life is retired, get them a shadow box to display their police badge. That’s a priceless keepsake they will treasure.

C.O.P.S. Arizona is dedicated to rebuilding shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line of duty deaths. We offer programs and scholarships for survivors in our local Arizona chapter. For more information, visit https://www.copsarizona.org/.

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