Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids


On Halloween, we celebrate all things spooky and delight in friendly fright. But while your kids are enjoying their hunt for treats, it’s important to keep them safe from dangerous tricks.

It’s no secret that crime rates are higher on Halloween – lots of people are out of the house, and masks are a more normal fashion statement than usual. But don’t let criminals with bad intentions ruin the magic of Halloween night. Stick to our recommended Halloween safety tips for kids and your whole family can enjoy thrills, chills, and piles of candy without fear.


Our Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

1. Plan a trick-or-treating route.

Think ahead about where you’ll be doing your trick-or-treating and discuss it with your kids. Plan on what time you will return back to your house. This is especially important if you have older kids who are going trick-or-treating with their friends.


2. Bring a flashlight with you.

A flashlight serves two purposes: making it easier for you to see your surroundings and making it easier for drivers to see you. Clip a flashlight to your child’s treat bag so that it won’t get lost in the middle of all the spooky fun.


3. Cross streets carefully.

It might be tempting for kids to dash straight to the next house and fill up their treat bags with more goodies, but make sure they know to always look both ways before they cross the street. Cross the street at corners and use crosswalks and traffic signals where available.


4. Stick to the sidewalks.

Remind your kids not to walk in the street, wander across neighbors’ lawns, or cut through back alleyways. This reduces the danger from oncoming cars or tripping on lawn ornaments in the dark. It also ensures they will be near streetlights in plain view of other kids and adults so everyone can celebrate together safely.


5. Keep your eyes off your phone.

Don’t spend your Halloween staring at a screen – enjoy the spooky ambiance! Kids and adults should stay aware of their surroundings at all times and watch for approaching cars or people. Save your Instagram posts for later when you get back to the house.


6. Consider attending trunk-or-treat.

If you don’t want your kids to wander through your neighborhood at night, or if you live in an apartment complex or rural area without participating neighbors, there are alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating. Consider bringing your kids to a trunk-or-treat event where they can collect candy from rows of cars in a parking lot. It can be easier to supervise kids in this setting.


Stay Safe, and Stay Spooky


We hope these Halloween safety tips for kids will help your family get on the same page before October 31st and stay away from danger. From all of your friends at C. O. P. S. Arizona, Happy Halloween!


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